crafted by photobiz

As a skinny kid with short hair, long legs, and the inability to ever enter the 7-11 store near my home again after trying unsuccessfully to steal balloons at the age of 10, I discovered photography as a means of expressing myself during my awkward early teens.

Since then I’ve filled out (well, a little), my hair has grown (a lot), I still struggle with balloon animals (more or less), and my photographic style has developed to the point of becoming a visual storyteller and artist.

My work is guided by a feeling, be it a person, a place, or a thing, and yet always rooted in reality. Regardless of the subject matter, I believe that every image I make, from the mundane to the magical, the absurd to the banal, has an emotion and a voice waiting to be heard. My goal is simply to express this through the use of the most appropriate equipment and lighting as called for in each situation, not to mention a quiet mind and a contemplative spirit. 

In addition to the images shown here I am currently at work on a gallery exhibition using my iPhone images as the basis for mixed media pieces utilizing purified beeswax and Damar resin, available in limited editions.