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Who is Jonathan Marks?

Award-winning photographer, tireless father of three, workout junkie, trail runner, EDM aficionado, self-confessed sleep-deprived perpetually smiling go-getter. Born and raised in Baltimore back when phones had cords, Marsha Brady was the hottest babe on TV and the average price of a home in the US was $12,500.

With a pre-law college degree under my belt I acted on an idea to make a new life in San Francisco. With the right balance of determination and utter ignorance I drove across the country with NPR for company when a gallon of gas was $1.09, Duran Duran was king of the radio, and the average price of a home in the US was $75,500.

After attempts to live within the confines of a “normal” job, I found my way into the licensed music merchandise business; founding and building a multi-million-dollar international business designing merchandise for bands from the Grateful Dead to Madonna, the Who to the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and many others too groovy to mention.

Along the way photography became a hobby. Then a passion. Then a semi-profession. Shooting analog, digital, 35mm, medium format, iPhone, Polaroid, Instax. They all serve a purpose and a comfort with them all I possess.

In years past I presented “Zen and the Art of iPhone Photography” at the flagship Apple Store in San Francisco on a number of occasions as well as at the Apple Store in the West Village in New York City, and most notably at MacWorld in San Francisco two years in a row where my presentation was hailed as the best presentation on iPhone photography.

Care to collaborate? Shoot the shit? Break bread together? Reach out please. It would be my supreme pleasure to share time with you! And who knows, you may end up with a groovy rock and roll t-shirt to boot!

One thing is for sure – I promise you will always find me attentive, professional, knowledgeable funny and ready to listen to your every idea and concern and work tirelessly day and night to put your mind at ease and facilitate the shoot in the most professional and caring manner imaginable.