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My dad Jonathan is an amazing photographer if you haven’t noticed already. He inspires me to do photography and my friends. He’s patient because he’s had to deal with me and Luka and Gabriel. And he knows what he’s doing. Thanks to him, one day I’ll be famous for MY photography. Thanks pops!Maddie Marks

Jonathan's photography work rocks so hard - meld the realism of AnnieLiebovitz with the panache of Bruce Weber and you get Jonathan!David Ames

We had been thinking about having professional portraiture pictures taken of our Son, Samuel, but did not know where to start. We came across an opportunity to purchase a package from Jonathan Marks Photography at an auction, and became the winning bid.We are so lucky that happened. As it turned out, we could not have chosen a better photographer to capture our Son in pictures. Jonathan is so at ease with both adults and children. His professional yet relaxed demeanor enhanced our portraiture experience. He even met with us prior to our actual shoot date to get to know us a bit and find out what we were looking to achieve. During our photo shoot time, Jonathan had Sam laughing and smiling, capturing his personality in a creative and beautiful setting. Jonathan’s presentation of the images was even further appreciated. The photos were so delightful that it was virtually impossible to pick a favorite. Jonathan seems so much more like an old friend than a hired professional. We look forward to a continued relationship with Jonathan as he captures our family in photographs for years to come.Holly and Michel Seifer

Both my baby son and I felt very comfortable with Johnathan. He was able to beautifully capture so many different colors and moods of my child, each one so familiar and yet so varied. His outstanding works are a treasure to us. I know we will be asking him to photograph us over the years to come.Julianna Phillips

Jonathan came to our home to photograph our children, then four and one years old. He came over prior to the shoot to meet the children and show them the camera so they would feel comfortable the day of the shoot. I thought that was extremely thoughtful. Jonathan's playful and gentle manner put the children at ease immediately. When we got the proofs we were delighted to see not only standard shots but some fun, creative shots as well. One of my favorites is of my son’s feet.Jonathan is an exceptional photographer, has a wonderful sense of the subject matter and a delight to work with. Jonathan's sensitivity to the needs of the customer is bar none and his good nature and gentle manner were a hit with the family. We look forward to using Jonathan again.Kate Mesarchik

It was a blast working with you. You have a rare and wonderful energy and I found it very refreshing. Austin Bodek

I've hired many photographers over the years, both in personal and professional capacities. But none has surpassed my expectations like Jonathan did! His flexible, easy-going style put us at ease throughoutthe shoot and his creative eye gave us the result we were looking for:stunning, unique, and memorable photographs to last a lifetime! We willunquestionably work with Jonathan many times in the years to come."Lisa Ames

Our favorite photographs are the ones that capture the essence of a moment, or the real character of a person or family. We wanted someone to photograph our children and family in a way that reflected the spirit of who we are. Jonathan has the creativity and an ability to connect with people that let's the subject shine in his pictures. We can't help but smile when we see the shots he took, and enjoy them every day. Mike Waite and Anna Simmons